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After School Soccer Programs

Students throughout Sydney have gotten in “The Zone” with FAST Football Academy’s on-campus after school football programs!

Coaching over 2,500 students annually, our staff of 8 professional and certified coaches are running programs throughout Sydney, giving students access to a healthy and exciting extra curricular activity in the safety and convenience of their own school campus.

FAST supplies all the equipment and uniforms needed for our after school programs, and each program is designed with the unique advantages of on-campus activities in mind. Parents enjoy the convenience of an after school program run on school grounds, and kids interact within their own community of school mates in a familiar environment.

Our after school programs are designed to provide a healthy and enjoyable alternative to video games and television – emphasising fun, teamwork, and the continued improvement of skills.

FAST ’s elite, professional-level coaching staff will work with students each week to develop specific skills, such as dribbling, attacking, defending, one-on-ones, and shooting. The result is an extra-curricular activity for boys and girls that develops coordination, motor skills, and curbs childhood obesity. Kids across Sydney are taking a proactive involvement in developing the skills necessary for a healthy, active lifestyle!

Tournaments each term are held within “The Zone,” our inflatable soccer field, allowing kids of any skill level to enjoy the football experience and develop a lifelong enthusiasm for physical activity.

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In School Soccer Programs - Bring FFA To Your School

If your school is interested in a fun, healthy, and budget-conscious alternative in-school curriculum, FAST Football Academy has the perfect solution to your needs.

The program is suitable for Primary school students as well as a modified program for high school students.

Our on-campus programs allow students to interact with their own classmates, on school grounds, in a convenient, safe, and healthy environment – while learning and developing the fundamentals of football.

Our unique curriculum is geared precisely to outcomes and indicators set by the NSW Department of Education which is documented and provided to the school.

FAST Football Academy in school programs can be custom tailored to your school’s budget and timetable, offering per term or weekly options (i.e. 3 week- 8 week programs). And our programs allow schools to gain recognition in their communities for their commitment to healthy extra curricular options for students.

Our in school soccer programs allow students to develop motor skills, coordination, sportsmanship and socialisation, in a structured yet fun environment. And all of our in school programs make use of “The Zone,” our inflatable soccer field that makes our program fun for students of all ages and skill levels.

FAST Football Academy books in school programs one term in advance, so contact a FFA staff member or fill out the below form as soon as possible to arrange an appointment with your school’s Sports Coordinator or Principal. Availability is limited so act now to ensure a spot on our schedule in the coming term!

If you are a principal or sports coordinator and would like FAST at your school please email: or call 9715-7546

22 Feb
After School programs 2018 – Term 1

Begin at schools throughout Sydney

16 Apr

Places are limited. Book now


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